Saturday, October 27, 2012

lamb shank n DURAN DURAN


Ma, you tumis curry yang you selalu buat utk tulang rusuk tu, shank is on its way back!

That's the instruction I received from Mr hubby who was outside groceries shopping with our two kids . I was at home with my eldest at that time.There was Duran Duran:One Night Only on TV2 and I wouldn't want tomiss it for the world! being a long time fan of the group and SimonLe Bon especially, with their song REFLEX ,Wild Boys, Hungry Like The Wolf,Rio, and many other great songs.

Those 8os era,when Spandau Ballet was famous with it's 'True',GeorgeMichael with his Careless Whisper or wasit WHAMwith Wakemeup before you go go",Love 'em.....watching the programme yesterday brought me backto Ilford Lane,Barking,EastLondon., although Iwas doing my A Level inMalaysia when Ifirstheard Duran Duran.The sametimeIknew Prince,WhenDoves Cry.

Where's thelamb shank?

haha...side track a little bit.

ok, here's how Imake my version of LAMB SHANK CURRY:

First and foremost , boil the shank in a pressure cooker ( I do the same ifIwere to cook my ribs)
in the mean time, in another pot,heat up cookingoil,and fry 'sambal' ( acombinationofblended dry chillies,onion, and garlics)
Add in:
cinnamon stick/kulitkayumanis
cloves/bunga lawang
anddaunkari/curry leaves
fry till it is cooked.
Add in curry powder ( mixed with water) and stir till the spice is well cooked
Add in some water from the shank stock if the spice is a bit dry
Then,add in THE SHANK(  not SHARK YA!...HEHE...)

Stir till you feel that they bond together (mesra mesra gitu), add in some more water,milk ,salt and sugar to taste.
transfer allinto the PRESSURE COOKER and simmer for anothertwo hours or more ( to ensure that the meat is really tenderandjuicy)
You caniadd in some diced tomatoes if you like which what I would normally dowhen making my ribs currybut for last nite's dinner SHANK,didn't put in the tomatoes because my hungry other halfkept coming to the kitchen and was asking if his shank was ready.

And it WAS READY!!!!

It was a success,he said. He loves it, my kids love it,me, I am not abig fanof lamb but am glad everybody loves it. So,since it was a success,Iguess we will be making more shanks in the near the mean timeIwill still try tolook for the other recipe which I had been Longing to try.This recipe will also go into my other recipe book,justin case I forgot how to make them.

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