Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my sweet moment

when I first saw her on TV,I was mesmerised by her, something about her made me glued to my seat and watched her spreading good words to mankind while quoting and singing the Quran verses melodiously and translating them in between.
She's truly one great lady and when a good doctor friend of mine smsed me asking if I would be interested to attend the program " An Evening with YBhg Dato' Dr Fatma Elzahraa" which was scheduled to be held on 8th August 2009 at the Holiday Villa here in Alor Star, I straight away replied a big "YES".

the program was a joint effort between Usahawati Negeri Kedah and the "Badan Kebajikan Wanita Kedah Kuala Lumpur/Selangor.This is an event not to be missed.

To be able to see her in person and be able to capture this sweet moment with her, is truly a sweet and memorable experience.I extended the invitation to a few friends and according to my doctor friend, the tickets were selling like hot goreng pisang! They even had to add in extra tables since the response was overwhelming. I'm sure everyone else wouldn't want to miss this great opportunity.

On that day, I went with good friends of mine, Yus whom I have only just known a couple of months back and how do you think we met? thru a blog, a blog of a friend ( also because of a Mothers Day chocolate cake and we later became friends too)and thru my carrot walnut cake . What beautiful things a cake can do to us, don't you think? Through my cakes, I get to know many beautiful and nice people. Alhamdulillah.

Yus offered to drive us to the venue and how glad I was because I was not really keen on driving the car up the spiral carpark .that's another story. Another good friend of mine , Nani, also went with us, the lady who has a daughter by the same name as the great lady speaker, the lady who ordered Power Puff Girls and Dorami cupcakes and cakes for her daughters whom I have known since my A-Level years. Another friend was also supposed to join us but it was unfortunate because she was down with fever and flu on that day.Hope you and your kids are feeling much better now, Jay..( her short name)Another friend of mine couldn't make it either but she bought the tickets for her mum and mum-in-laws and her granny and so they all went without her.

Saw YBhg Dato' entering the hall, with an aura that filled the room with great sweetness and warmth.The evening started with a brief introduction of the Badan Kebajikan by the Emcee and followed by the moment that we were waiting for. the topic for the day was about our heart ( hati or jantung). I wouuld like to share a few things that I managed to learn that day, afew short notes that I managed to scribble in my small notebook which I hope can be used as a reminder to me , now and in the future.

'Hati" , our heart is the most important organ in our body. It will make us who we are. If any of you are watching the Korean series " Summer Scent" which I had been following without fail, it's about a girl who received a heart of a girl whose boyfriend now falls in love with. Her heart was so strong that it totally changed the character of its recipient. She fell for him , of course, and he fell for her maybe because of the heart which was beating inside the girl, his girlfriend's heart who was missing and yearning for his love. I don't know how it ends because the last episode was on Thursday where she only just found out that her heart donor was actually the girlfriend's of the man he falls in love with. Can't wait for the next episode tomorrow night.

Back to our "ceramah ugama", about heart.

Ciri2 hati baik: yukminunabilghaiib......
untuk mendapat hati yang baik:
baca lah surah al-Fatihah 17 x daily
bacalah 5 ayat pertama di dalam surah Al-Baqarah

Bad characteristics (nauzubillah):
1) riak
3)tak boleh memaaf
4) bakhil/kedekut ( in kelantan slang, "kupik" as YBhg Dato' said it )
6)berasa lebih dari orang lain

tuhan tak mahu tengok muka orang2 berikut:
- derhaka ibubapa
- mabuk arak

How to lawan syaitan:
1) banyak2kan sebut "auzubillahhiminasyaitanirrajim"
2) always berwudhu'
3)pasang/baca surah al-Baqarah di dalam rumah ( boleh juga pasang CD or cassette)
4)kawal mata ( you know what they said, "dari mata turun ke hati")
5)Baca 3 "Qul" sebelulm tidur dan masa bangun
6)jangan tinggal zikir, zikrullah/ zikir banyak2( esp read the Quran)
7) Attaubah( bertaubat)
8)Nak masuk rumah, bagi salam walau pun tiada siapa di dalam rumah
9) nak tutup tingkap or nak buka pintu, say with "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim"
10) Bila keluar rumah, bacalah "Bismillahtawakkalalallah"

How to fight nafsu:
1) Ilmu ( majlis ilmu ugama)
2)bersahabat dengan orang baik2
3)puasa banyak2
4)buat sunat tahajud

these are some of the things that I managed to write and hopefully practised. A lot more need to be learned. the evening went by so fast and her talk ended after more than an hour, which later was followed by the high tea and a muslimah fashion show with beautiful models wearing beautiful jubahs, kebayas and kurungs with matching and beautiful tudungs.

All good things must come to an end. the programme ended around six in the evening. Thank you hubby for babysitting the kids while mummy went out for a couple of hours with mummy's friends to attend this programme.Thanx Yus and Nani for the company , thanx Dr Mas for inviting me.I should thank the organisers too for organising this wonderful programme.Last but not least, thank you to the wonderful Dr Fatma for accepting their invitation and make it a memorable evening .


  1. kak tipah @ singapuraAugust 26, 2009 at 12:19 PM

    salam zue, selamat berpuasa. ni kak tipah baru dpt jumpa blog zue lagi. alhamdulillah. wah, zue's oven makin hot :D suka kak tipah dengar cerita zue. semoga hot nya sampai d spore ye... :D

  2. Salam Kak Tipah, I am so very happy bila kak tipah sudi jenguk dan meninggalkan pesanan for me.alhamdulillah, zue's oven duk berasap jugak lah,kalau orang s'pore sudi, apa salahnya...tak nak mai raya Alor Star ke, nak buat ketupat tak pandai, cheesecake bolehlah.....:-)

  3. dear zue,
    looks like that's the last social activity for me at the moment.insyaAllah in future kalau takda aral, i can accompany you again.
    thanks for posting the picture. I don't have a shot of me taken with our dear penceramah pun.

  4. salam Yus,
    so good to hear from you again. that's you in the second photo! standing besides Dr Mas.Zue pun tak tahu lagi bila nak attend this kind of function lagi. Ada kawan boleh lah pergi.Thanx for the company.

    BTW, yus dah contact Mashi?I already told her that somebody is looking for her tapi zue bagi dia suspen zue tak bagi tahu your name.
    Puasa ni camana? macam zue in 2007 dulu pun, berbuka dan bersahur di Hospital jugak, teman my daughter. Rezeki kita sama Yus, cubaan dan dugaan ni insyaallah menguatkan kita....

  5. salam zue,
    alahai..tak sempat lagi nak contact mashi. kalau dia baca ni, sure tak suspen lagi dah...hahahha.
    memang dugaan ni org kata alah bisa tegal biasa. now dah jadi biasa dah, insyaAllah. you take care now. selamat berpuasa dan bersiap2 nak sambut raya pulak. so long.