Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daging halia and asparagus....beef , ginger and asparagus

mmmmm......sedaaaaaap ......

'Lama dah mama tak buat masak ni, daging dengan sparagus tu", said my eldest daughter. Thats true, I forgot how long ago did I make this dish, one of the recipes from Chef Wan's "Sedaaaaapnya....." book which I bought many many years ago and had his autograph on the third page of the book.

So, when we went groceries shopping last Friday, bought the asparagus, and after sending Batrisyia to school yesterday, made a quick stop at the wet market where I bought the senangin fish and bought the batang pinang ( also bought tulang rusuk,for curry or soup for other days )

I need to marinate the beef with the following:

oyster sauce,salt, juice of young ginger , beef cube and Tabasco sauce ( searched everywhere for it, in the fridge, in the larder but ..nil, I thot I had it ) so I marinated the beef without the Tabasco sauce and left it in the fridge.

When I went out to pick up my youngest daughter from school, I decided to stop by at Gi*nt and looked for the missing ingredient and thankfully the store had it an I just bought a small bottle because this is the only recipe that I knew which used Tabasco sauce and it would be a while before I am making make this dish again, unless somebody request for it again.

Add the Tabasco sauce into the marinated beef.keep aside.

Heat up a little oil in a shallow pan and fry some crushed garlic, sliced young ginger and asparagus.

then just add in the marinated beef and stir for a while till th ebeef is tender and you are done!


"Lama dah mama tak buat

Gulai ikan versi rempah giling

I have found the rempah which suits my hubbys tastebud for fish curry, even if it is not 100%perfect but close.....not Ad*b*, nor B*b*s or Allag*pp*, but home made , not by moi ( i wish it was, but no...wishful thinking on my part ) by a lady who sells coconut milk and kerisek at the local wet market here in Alor Star, at the Souq Al-Bukhary market to be exact.(Thanks to her I can now make gulai ikan yang pecah minyak)

Whenever I feel like making fish curry, be it the whole ikan termenung or ikan senagin or maybe fish head ( ikan merah or jenahak ), I would drop by at her gerai and bought the fish curry paste.It only cost RM1 for one dish or maybe two dishes of gulai ikan depending on the quantity of fish used.

for the above recipe, I used ikan senangin, quite a big one, but I just bought the tail part which cost RM10 which I bought yesterday morning after dropping Batrisyia off at her school

Here's my version of fish curry:

Heat oil, fry sliced shallots , garlics, curry leaves and ( blank... I suddenly cant remember what this net ingredient is called), yang bijik2 tu, ?#@&?
okay, got it, halba campur:)

then, once fragrant, add in the home made (giling or blended i dont know) fish curry paste, stir until cooked.
Add in a little water , and a lttle asam jawa juice too.
leave it to boil and add in coconut milk
and the fish too
if you like, you can also add in some ladys fingers and tomatoes
salt and sugar to taste,


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Siakap kukus

I finally found the simplest, the easiest and the yummiest steamed fish recipe. Didnt quite knew how to make this dish before though I know that this is one of the easiest recipe to cook fish, simply throw anything in and steam ahead, but not to me, I struggle to make 'ikan kukus but when I came across this recipe on TV during Chef Kamarul's show. It's one of those shows where he would be cooking a few dishes with a celebrity or an artist and I thot I'd give a try . Guess what? I've got thumbs up from my kids, especially the youngest who could easily finish off the whole small siakap on her own, I'd stick to this recipe for now.

here's the recipe ( semua main agak2 ya....)
one siakap, cleaned and place in a deep bowl or plate and rub some salt and squeezed some lemon juice on it.put aside.
get the steamer ready.
meanwhile, heat cooking oil in a small frying pan, fry sliced lemon grass with sliced onions till fragrant,
then add in a few cloves of garlic and a little chunk of sliced ginger, red chillies, green chillies, cili api.
then, add in some oyster sauce to taste.
add in some water for the gravy.
place the fish inside the steamer tray and pour the gravy on top of it. If you like, you can also put in thinly sliced carrot
cover the steamer and steam the fish for about 10 minutes.
before serving, just sprinkle some spring onion on top for colour.
serve with hot rice