Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daging halia and asparagus....beef , ginger and asparagus

mmmmm......sedaaaaaap ......

'Lama dah mama tak buat masak ni, daging dengan sparagus tu", said my eldest daughter. Thats true, I forgot how long ago did I make this dish, one of the recipes from Chef Wan's "Sedaaaaapnya....." book which I bought many many years ago and had his autograph on the third page of the book.

So, when we went groceries shopping last Friday, bought the asparagus, and after sending Batrisyia to school yesterday, made a quick stop at the wet market where I bought the senangin fish and bought the batang pinang ( also bought tulang rusuk,for curry or soup for other days )

I need to marinate the beef with the following:

oyster sauce,salt, juice of young ginger , beef cube and Tabasco sauce ( searched everywhere for it, in the fridge, in the larder but ..nil, I thot I had it ) so I marinated the beef without the Tabasco sauce and left it in the fridge.

When I went out to pick up my youngest daughter from school, I decided to stop by at Gi*nt and looked for the missing ingredient and thankfully the store had it an I just bought a small bottle because this is the only recipe that I knew which used Tabasco sauce and it would be a while before I am making make this dish again, unless somebody request for it again.

Add the Tabasco sauce into the marinated beef.keep aside.

Heat up a little oil in a shallow pan and fry some crushed garlic, sliced young ginger and asparagus.

then just add in the marinated beef and stir for a while till th ebeef is tender and you are done!


"Lama dah mama tak buat


  1. Salam Maz, terliur tengok daging tu, pasti sedap....

  2. hello treat and trick,
    terliur, jangan tak terliur, memang sedap,according to my kids, cubalah, belum cuba belum tahu