Saturday, October 23, 2010

soothing pink and white

pink and white .... always works well together, many people's chosen colours, soothing to the eyes, heart and soul. .....sweet, romantic and blissful. a simple flower ribbon as the finishing touch with single white and pink clear crystal flower completed the whole sweet look.

instead of colouring the white fondant with pink colour, I decided to make all the roses using white fondant which I made the previous night and later sprayed a few with dry pink powder colour. It gave a different kind of nice to the roses.

six packs of four vanilla cupcakes, with buttercream and fondant deco.An assortment of deco with roses as the main flower, with rolled roses and white butterflies.

All six, packed and ribboned before they were placed in paperbags

besides the fondant deco roses, I also made 50 pink and white roses, 25 of each.

very minimal and simple deco. one rose in the middle with small star nozzle and kelly green leaves, finish off with small blossom with pearl beads.

the other 25, white roses on soft pink base buttercream with kelly green leaves and silver dregges scattered on the base

individually placed in a cup with dome cover.

not forgetting, two packs of lasagna.
as I am updating this entry, received an sms from farah:
"Sedapla k.zue lasagna, suami yg x bape suka pun leh mkn, tq:)

six paperbags whic I prepared earlier, as usual I drew the pictures and Batrisyia did the colouring

now that the cupcakes are in the bags, which ribbon should I use to complete the task

I decided to go for simple red and white ribbon. These would later be given to her neighbours.


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  2. Errr hello Anonymous, if you start first then maybe we can follow suit. Takes one to know one! Right back atcha! Ok now you have my permission to puke!

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  3. ouch! that hurts! whoever this coward 'anonymous' person is, may you rest in peace....:-(
    and wiz, thanx for the positive and encouraging words, though we have never met in person, but you are such a sweet and dear person, and for that, I thank you, take care.:-)