Sunday, July 5, 2009


Cekmek molek, a traditional malay kuih, made from sweet potato ( keledek, or ubi stelo as they said it in Kelantan) originated from the state famous for its hand drawn batik, wau bulan, makyong , menora, gasing, beautiful beaches, keropok lekor, budu, etc..etc..yes, we are talking about Kelantan , which is also famous for its extremely sweet delicacies like the taik itik, jalamas, lopat tike (lompat tikam), netbat, puteri berendam, akok, just to name a few.

Said to my daughter who was watching me preparing this cekmekmolek this evening,
"you can just blog in to see how this is done when you are away from home furthering your studies in a university somewhere, UK maybe, US, or our very own universities here in the country, cos I am going to put in step by step on how to make this cekmekmolek.

I forgot to take a pic of the very first step. You need to boil the sweet potatoes in a pot filled with water, enough to cover the sweet potatoes. just add a pinch of salt will do. Boil till it becomes tender. Strain the water and peel off the skin and mash it like in the picture.

then, add some flour to the mashed sweet potatoes just about right.

mix till it sort of becomes dough like, but quite soft as compared to the dough for cookies.

take about a spoonful, make a small well to fill with sugar and wrap it up.

not too much sugar, just about right.

shape it to look like these.

fry them in hot oil but very slow fire.

be very cautious of the hot sugar inside. I like to eat it hot but have to be extremely careful ,if not it might burn your lips.

done! ready to serve for your afternoon tea with a pot of Ahmad strawberry tea to go with it.
Happy cekmekking!


  1. ehmmm nampak senang tapi boleh ke I buat nie??

  2. Haii shashue, sure you can, buat macam I, redah je.....baru boleh menikmati nya panas2. Zue suka makan masa air gula dia duk mengalir lagi but have to extra careful, panas sangat but sedaaap....cubalah....