Friday, July 29, 2011

Pancakes on Saturday morning

Saturday morning, the room was dark because the curtains were still not drawn, as my daughter was still sleeping in my bed, hubby is away for a few days. I had an uneasy sleep last nite, somehow I felt restless, at 3 am, I went downstairs to double check whether the doors were locked. Went to the kitchen, okay, both grill doors and the wooden doors were locked, checked the front door, yup, locked and bolted, drew in the sliding door's curtains. i always imagine someone's staring inside and thankfully it was all my imagination, thanks to all those creepy and scary I had seen over the years......

this morning, woke up , switched on the laptop in my room and checked my emails, while doing that, browsed through the old magazines and found a few recipes which I thought I might want to try later. One of the recipes I found was this pancake recipe

looks easy and I have all the ingredients in my kitchen, but I didn't bother to make the 'sauce'

I had been making pancakes also known as 'serabai barat' using the recipe which I learned during my school days and that's why I decided to try another version.this one didn't require the 'rubbing' method, so didn't have to get my hands dirty here. Another difference is this recipe separated the eggs and the last step was to fold the stiff egg whites into the batter

whatever or whichever method or recipe used I still get the bubbly effect on one side and smooth effect on the other side and they both taste equally good. I eat it while it is still hot straight from the pan.....yum.......with the rain pouring outside.......

be it on it own, or eat it with jam ( my way ), or chocolate spread ( my daughter's way) or with butter spread ( my son's way )

they taste yummmy.....will make this again.

now, what's for lunch?

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