Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ayam Masak Minangkabau

my ancient/antique 'gem/treasure'

"Zue, nak resepi", the subject /title in my email inbox.

more than two decades ago, i would not ldream of getting such remarks from anyone


because I coud not cook!

not that I am a good cook now, but much better than I was twenty five years ago!:-)

thanx to my Sains Rumah Tangga classes, my umi ( who wrote in my 'ancient'recipe book, sambal ikan bilis, sayur air ,etc ), my housemates, when I was studying in UK, and all those cooking programmes on TV . Gradually I learned to cook, from the basic to more difficult ones, and sometimes I did it the other way round, like this dish for an example.from me asking for recipes from people and now it's the other way round. It's an achievement to lah, for someone who did not know how to cook . then, there's this other recipe too, delicious too, ayam Masak Portugis.

but here I am talking about this frequently cooked ( I think I made this more than I made chicken curry in my kichen )

ayam Masak Minangkabau,

the name itself is a bit complicated , with its spices, cumin, fennel seed, coriander seed, etc.....( well, at least, to me...) , unlike the more normal ones like curry, masak merah, masak kicap, kurma but I knew how to make this one than the others. It took me sometime to be able to make my first chicken curry!

With this dish, there's no ready made paste like the curry or kurma ( even kerutuk has its ready made paste ), I have to prepare them myself.

I will share with you the recipe which I had been using since my school days ( when I first learned how to make it but only started making them in my universiti years. ( or was it during the school break ( after my SPM exam )?

straight from my 'kitab' , this is a re-written version after some of the words in the original version became almost invisible.

the original recipe.

but I will write it here anyway, just in case some of you are not able to read my tiny handwriting


(Charmey dear, I copied it word for word from the book )

4 tah ayam- potong dan sapu garam

BAHAN A ( digiling ):

4-5 cili kering

5 ulas bawang merah

2 ulas bawang putih

2 camb minyak

1 camt tomato sos

1/4 camt gula

BAHAN B (digiling):

1/2 inci belacan

1/4 inci lengkuas

1/2 camt jintan manis

1/2 camt jintan putih

1/4 inci kunyit

1/2 camt ketumbar

1/2 pt santan ( 1/2 biji kelapa)

1/2 camt susu cair

1/4 helai daun kunyit

1/4 cawan air


1. Panaskan minyak. Goreng bahan-bahan yang digiling*

2. Masukkan ayam 5-8 minit

3. Masukkan sedikit air panas jika ayam melekat

4. Masukkan susu cair, sos tomato, gula, perasa,daun kunyit dan air.

Masukkan santan.

5.renih hingga empuk dan kuahnya pekat.

6. Hias dengan daun bawang dan hidang dengan nasi tomato

Nota: * bahan A dan B

sedap dimakan bersama nasi putih panas, atau dengan ketupat ( sebagai ganti rendang ) and also makan roti canai....sehingga menjilat jari you....

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