Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael jackson dalam kenangan

Went to Micahel Jackson's "BAD" tour concert in 1988 at the Wembley Stadium. All great songs in this album from BAD to Dirty Diana, Smooth Criminal, Remember the time, Black or White just to name a few.His songs, his music videos never fail to impress me, especially his moon walk, how did he do that? Not to mention his THRILLER album which sold million copies with songs like Billy Jean, Beat It, Thriller,etc...He's brilliant, superb, outstanding singer and performer.
we went there quite early, kononnya nak get good seat tapi once the pintu masuk was opened, everybody rushed inside and me, being a small and petite me ( barely 36 kg then ) was squeezed and pushed inside with my friends.Once inside, what a big stadium! nak duk depan and berdiri kat dalam stadium di tengah2 padang tu, rasa2 tak kot, sebab they were all big tall people and surely I couldn't see and tak mahu berhimpit and berpanas so we decided to take the seat which was rather far away from the stadium, but at least taklah berhimpit. It was Summer and you can just imagine lah, kalau musim panas tu macamana. To make matters worse Iwas having a bad headache that day ( of all the days, why chose hari Michael JAckson's concert to have my headache!)
I couldn't really enjoy the concert ( because of the headache )but it still felt good, having being able to see The King of Pop live on stadium even though could only see him on the big screen. He was so tiny on that big stage .( from my seat lah)
Got some memorabilia from the concert, bought meself the scarf ( just the scarf, other merchandise were a bit expensive, masa tu student, beli ticket pun gagah kumpul duit...). These were some of the memories that I had with MJ, well, shared with thousand other fans on that day.
My admiration for him didn't just stop there. i looked forward to seeing his music videos whenever they were shown on TV or MTV, I never get bored seeing his dance moves, especially the moonwalk. He invented the moonwalk, didn't he? I especially like the dance in Smooth Criminal video. In fact I like all his videos and songs from Beat it to Billy Jean from his THRILLER albums which sold millions of copies to his BAD album. I even bought his BAD album but in record and my turntable is broken!( er, hubby's turn table , which he bought masa kat UK dulu) sekarang orang tak dengar turntable dah, orang main MP3, ipod lah and that jazz....
Gonna miss his ohh and auwww and aahh in his songs, his trademark and his dance moves. I told my friend DDI, in her blog that while I was driving home this morning after sending my daughter to school ( replacement class), and the DJ played MJ's song, suddenly I felt sebak, tears welled in my eyes. I like him, yes but I didn't know that he touched me deeply! I thought I must write something about him, I could say that I am his fan, not fanatic though, just like I like Bryan Adam but i am just one of his million fans out there who felt his loss, because it was so sudden.
I was just about to start baking in the kitchen yesterday morning when my daughter said to me. "Mama, Michael Jackson dah mati". Where did you hear the news? "It was on TV", she just saw it while clearing the dishes in the kitchen sink.Ajal maut di tangan Tuhan. It didn't wait one minute or even one second if it is one's time. If he is a Muslim convert just like the news been telling us and I hope he IS a muslim, may he be blessed with the others.
Life goes on for the rest of us and hopefully it will be filled with goodness ,kindness and happiness and his memory will live with us through his brilliant and memorable songs.


  1. Zue, you're one lucky devil! Dapat tengok concert MJ lagi! Wish I had been to at least one of his concerts...

    I don't think he'll ever be replaced. So talented and so unique... So sad...

  2. Salam Ja,
    wait till you see the photo of Bryan Adam's concert! :-) You like him too, don't you?hihi....went after dia release "Waking up the neighbours album.

  3. Aci aci buka pintu....nanti I nak post gambar tu.bagi u lagi geram... :-) if I can find the photo. Ala ja, i duk sana, ada peluang, pegi la, bila lagi..macm-macm Zue pegi, bukan setakat Bryan Adam, Zue pernah pegi White Snake, Def Leppard punya concert jugak, best yang amat bila tengok live. Zue bukanlah minah Rock yang angguk-angguk kepala tu setakat lagu2 dia yang slow rock, tu bolehlah layan...Bryan Adam tu tak mau mai M'sia ke, I teringin nak pi lagi...suka sangat lagu2 dia esp run To you...