Monday, June 1, 2009

Words that warm me up...feel good conversations

B:Batisya nak pegam, boleh tak Mama?
mama:Tak boleh, nanti putus tussle tu.
B:Batisya pegam pelan2.

Mama:Tak b oleh..
B:mama marah Batisya?
B:tak mau kawanlah,
Mama:tak mau kawan sudah,
B:nak kawan, nak kawan.....

okay, kita kawan, Batisya kan kawan mama, Batisya selalu teman Mama buat kek.
that conversation took place when I was busy making some figurines and things for a cupcake order with the theme medic and baby shower this afternoon. I made the teddy bear wearing the graduation hat with a tussle. since I am sill not an expert with this fondant thingy, I was a bit "not so much of angry" when she wanted to play with the tussle, more of I can't afford to do it all over again, cos the lady who ordered this is picking it anytime today.

Mama cakaplah.
Cakap apa
Mama sayang Batisya.
Mama sayang Batrisyia
Batisya sayang Mama jugak.
Kiss, kiss

after a while,

Batisya sayaaaaang Mama,
Mama pun sayaaaang Batrisyia jugak.
mama sayang abam, Mama sayang kakak.

these sentences were repeated almost over and over again when I was preparing the 140 pieces of brownies and carrot cupcakes last night. It was way past midnite but she was still awake because she wanted to accompany Mama.sampai finally she terlentok on the chair besides me in the kitchen.

Mama pandai buat kek and cupcakes
cantik kek Mama, mama pandai , mama cantik......( mama cantik ke, kek mama yang cantik? hihi...)
siapa tak cair listening to those melodious statement , of course they are a bit bias, coming from your own daughter, but still, it just warms you up ....


  1. Zue, I never knew Sya could speak so much. Semalam mai rumah I dok senyap je. Jef kata PR mak dia. He he he, Well, he said that, not me.

    Anyway, LOVE her hair.

  2. Salam Nana, she does and i wonder where she got that from, definitely not from me. dia selalu teman Zue malam2 buat kek and she talks non-stop, Jef duk kat depan boleh dengar suara dia sorang2, i just hmm and haaa tu je.....mak dia PR hancuuussss.....I just let my cakes and cupcakes and cheesecake do the talking for me...and you know what, dia selalu speaking london! cakap orang putih you, an influence by the Disney channel but a good influence that is....
    LOVE her hair too, I know where she got that from...perasan......:-). ada once jef suruh pi potong and I dah sampai depan kedai salon tu, I couldn't bring myself to keluar from the car and to cut her hair so I bawak dia balik and tak jadi potong rambut dia...double :)