Thursday, May 28, 2009

A sweet experience....

.....unlike yesterday, today's event is totally the opposite of what had happened to me the day before. Maybe to some people what happened to me today is nothing extraordinary but I just feel that today is so sweet, the reason being, it is the first time I did what I did this morning.

what's on your mind? What do you think I did?

As I continue writing this, "today" has become the day before yesterday cos I was unable to complete the entry due to the orders for wedding cakes and cupcakes and brownies and BEN 10 birthday cake

So back to that story, well, it was nothing much really. I just went to the market....okay, picture this, the day was , Wednesday, the time was almost 8 am, the place was, the morning wet market. So? what's so sweet and special about the day, the time and the place?

Firstly, it's working day, and it's rush hour and it's not an office! Yup. I got to get used to this new experience. For the past countless number of years, the only day that I could do this is over the weekend, either Friday or Saturday or on my annual leave day, but not anymore, I can go there or anywhere anytime I want.To make the experience sweeter, I bumped into a friend who also did her morning shopping there and she asked me to join her for breakfast at one of the gerai at the market. Me...sitting and having my nasi lemak bungkus with milo tarik there... with a very good friend, .never before, so I just sat back and enjoy the moment. Furthermore it's not everyday that you go to the market and bumped into your good friend for a good breakfast and catching up on things.....even so, I couldn't stay too long, chores waiting at home, cakes to be baked and decorated, anyway I just enjoyed it while it last....


  1. Zue, enjoy it while you can :)

    Milo tarik? Lama tak pekena satu.

  2. yes Ja, am enjoying every minute of it.pekena milo tarik dekat pasar kat Souq bukhary, dekat your parent's house