Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chocolate Mud Cupcakes

Haaa... what r u doing....Batrisyia....
"Batisya suka cokelet", was her reply

fom this oven out came the following:

Cheesy brownies for my daughter's Teachers DAy celebration today,

Bluebrry cheesecake for Batisyia's kindie

chocolate mud cupcakes for Batrisya's friends at the kindie.
when it came out fresh from the oven last night, I asked my son Ameer to try it and he kept coming back for more. He normally wouldn't like to eat my cakes, only selected few, very fussy and picky eater this one...hmmm I wonder where he got that worries about my daughter ,Tsara'...

colourful deco

Ready to be delivered and in fact, already delivered by the time I'm writing this down. ( more photos of these collections can be found at )
What's that sound? Birds chirping outside! Isn't that great! Now that I am at home I can hear all these wonderful nature's sound right at my door step so to speak. Apart from that, I am all alone, total silence at the house except for the sound of these keyboards clicking and the sound of the fan above my head,well, not exactly head.
I am in my bedroom, while downloading the photos I was multi-tasking, yes I was doing my ironing as well! Gotta prepare lunch afterwards, so in the mean time, decided to enjoy my sweet moments alone with my laptop, checking my emails, bloghop, letting my mind wander, creating sentences as I go along, going back down the memory lanes, while at the same time trying to get ideas for my next decoproject.
Today is the first day I have the whole house to myself after my newfound freedom which started on 1st May. So many things to do and yet I still find that there's only so little time left to do all the things that I wanted to do despite being 24/7 at home. It's a different kind of challenge, no doubt you are no longer dictated by the punch card or deadlines, but you must set your own dead line, the only difference is you can take your own sweet time to complete the task with no pressure from anybody else. You only have yourself to answer to., ain't that nice.....
Well..Cinderella has to stop dreaming for the clock is ticking and it's ticking very fast! The kitchen is calling, so is the laundry. What shall we have for lunch today? I have squid, prawns, some crabs, meat and chicken, not to mention fish, all kinds of fish, ikan merah, ikan bawal emas, ikat gutgut, ikan termenung, ikan siakap in my freezer. I have a few minutes to spare so perhaps, I'll go to my friends blogs or fotopages and see what's cooking there..


  1. Salam, it's me again. The 1st person I called lepas baca blog U was Fid (she was in B2 jugak) sebab nak confirm kan nama Zuriani Kadir tu... Happy to know, I tak silap orang.

    That's the magic of blogging, meeting old friends.

    have U figured out Mamamia ni siapa? Masa A-levels dulu, I ni low profile aje, still am actually.

    'Yeanny' rings a bell? I was in B1, sama dgn Azah, Han, Idah Hassan, Yus, Kak Long, Ati & Marina.

    I'll be linking yr blog to mine.

  2. Hai Yeanny, I thought you look familiar. and the person dlam gambar Fab 40 tu Azah Azaddin kan? Macam jejak kasih pulak.....Zue ni macam blur je zaman2 A Level, zaman kat Sekseyn 2 Shah Alam tu ingat lagi.BTW, rasanya you haven't changed lah..
    You still meet the Alevel people ke? Uol duk KL senang lah kan. My class mates rasa2nya Wan Norashikin, Jaime, yang lain Zue tak ingat, kalau tengook balik gambar2 lama maybe boleh ingat...
    keep in touch, kay. i dah link you you,

  3. Wah.. Mamamia jumpa old fren lagi! Bestnya!

    Zue, sedap nampak your cupcakes tu. Mesti the kids sekali hadap saja dah gone!

  4. Salam Ja,
    yelah Ja, bagus lah blog ni, dapat jumpa balik yang dah terlost contact.that's the beauty of this IT thing.

    Mestilah sedap cos my fussy son suka.Zue, anything choc memang suka. Me and chocolate memang tak leh dipisahkan. I tak bagi depa habiskan cos nak bawak ke tadika my daughter, nanti I buat lain for them. Actually I tak bwk semua, tinggal sikit for them.You belum rasa my oreo choc cheesecake, kalau dah rasa sekali, mesti nak lagi....