Friday, May 1, 2009

Music to my ear

"Mee goreng Mama buat lagi sedap dari kedai punya"

That statement sounds like music to my ear, uttered by my son sometime this morning when I was busy arranging white and fuschia roses on an engagement cuppies.What makes him say that? I don't know but for whatever reason, I don't care cos it made my day. It made a beautiful start to my new chapter, just like those white roses did.

The previous night too, my husband made a positive remark about my spaghetti sauce. That nite, last Wednesday, i was busy with my brownies marathon, baking brownies with walnut, marble cheese brownies and carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and still managed to make us all spaghetti bolognese for dinner.

Simple dinner; boil the water, add spaghetti when it started boiling. After awhile, break a small piece, toss it against your kitchen wall, if it sticks, your spaghetti is done. That's how I tested to see if my spaghetti is cooked. Meanwhile, pour some olive oil in your pot, saute onion and garlic till fagrant, add minced meat.Add some black pepper and the spaghetti sauce ( short cut version ), oregano, parsley, bolognese spice, beef stock, salt and sugar. It didn't taste quite right, something was missing. I think it lacked something soury because I only used half of the sauce ( i had used the other half for the other night), so I opened up a can of peeled tomatoes and poured some into my spaghetti sauce. Voila, it got a compliment from my hubby. Served the spaghetti with the sauce plus boiled eggs. That was our dinner for that night while waiting for the brownies and the carrot cakes to cool off.

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