Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A frightening experience.......

....... not frightening or scary as in watching horror movie , Friday the 13th or Jaws but another kind of frightening.

It was 7.06 am. I was doing my daily chores of sending my daughters to school every morning and this morning was no exception. First destination was my eldest daughter. DONE. The next one was to send my youngest daughter ( my second child cycles to school everyday) to her kindergarten very near our place so I was about to drop her off on the way back.It was 7.30 am.

Out of the blue, the signal " battery" came on the warning panel. I was a bit stunned. Err...what does it mean? Does it mean, the car battery is weak? or what? Frankly, I don't know anything about cars except to drive it. I don't know if anyone out there is like me, but that's just me...so ignorant about cars. I always leave all these things about cars to my other half.

To make matters worst , the steering wheel suddenly felt heavy. I couln' t move it either to the right or to the left. it could just go straight! I was panicky! OMG! What was I supposed to do? Do I stop at the road side and do what? I couldn't call my other half because he is outstation and I wouldn't want to disturb him at least not before 12.30 noon.

I kept on driving and "bersalawat" and didn't stop "berdoa" so that the car wouldn't give up on me right in the middle of the busy road. I was only less than a kilometre away from my house and from my daughter's tadika.

There's a round about ahead and my heartbeat pounded faster and faster. I was at Jalan Teluk Wanjah. What if I can't steer the car to the right, into Jalan Stadium? I tried ( nak pulas kuat2 takut patah pulak tengkuk steering tu ) and I did manage to go into Jalan Stadium and I kept on driving and drove past my daughter's tadika ( I had to turn left if I were to send her and I didn't want to take the risk of the car refusing to turn left ).

Oh no! Another turn and this time I had to make a U turn at the traffic light and again, I made a decision to de-tour by going slightly to the right about 45 degree angle and not U turn and drove into the road going to Komplek Pendidikan but I still had to make a right turn at the junction. A car stopped to give way for me ( bless this good soul ) and I nearly drove into his car because my car refused to make that turn, with great difficulty I managed to get into that smaller road leading to my house. Two more corners to make and I finally saw the yellow bambo tree in front of my house and never before have I felt so relieved and glad to see the sight of my house. I decided not to park the car inside because then I would have to make that ninety degree left turn which is a bit difficult with that subborn steering wheel so I just parked it outside under the yellow bamboo tree.

Phew! I managed to drive us both safely home and I still didn't know what was wrong with this car.Ya Allah ya tuhanku , thank you so much for answering my prayer. I'll call my other half later. In the mean time, I still have to send my daughter to her tadika , if not for her "exam" ( lima tahun pun ada exam now ni ). I would just let her stay with me at home , and fortunately we have this other car, this old VW model (seventies I think) .

it's ironic actually, only this morning when I was about to start my car ( the black one , the one with the stubborn steering wheel ) I said to myself, I'd drive the VW later because I haven't driven it for a number of days ( takut tak hidup pulak sebab lama tak start engine ).

I turned the ignition and it gave a coughing sound. Oh nO! Not you too!Tried several times but still it refused to start. Turned the air-cond knob to "off" position and thankfully the VW came to life. Alhamdulillah. So off I went to send my daughter in this VW, she was still unaware of the drama that her mama went through earlier for she was fast asleep at the back seat.

Slowly I drove this good old VW Beetle back home and please please please , I hope that she will be good to me this coming days because it won't be a few more days before my other half comes back.( wish you all the best dear , i know that there are soo many butterflies in your stomach as I am writing this but InsyaAllah, God willing, our prayers will be answered, ditto )


  1. Salam Zue,
    Seramnyaaa... So what actually happened? Dah hantar workshop dah?

    Alhamdulillah everything went well. I risau bila you cerita pasal roundabout tu. Menakutkan kat situ coz it's a very bz roundabout. A roundabout that never sleep.

    Ka nak kena beli gheta baru ni? Hehehehe...

  2. Salam Ja,

    I suka sangat tang your last sentence tu...my dream car BMW..tapi like i said lah, my dream car, so dalam mimpi je lah...actually banyak dream car, VW Beetle baru), not my current one ( tapi suka jugak, sat gi yang ni pulak merajuk ).
    Seram yang amat, i duk urut dada and salawat tak berhenti , takut tiba2 dia jam tengah jalan. i still don't know what happened, it is still parked outside my house, bwh yellow bamboo tree,tunggu hubby balik. try start engine this morning, okay tapi leher masih keras, this car selalu buat hal everytime my hubby outstation,
    hubby pun sms maybe it's time we let go of this car, tapi sentimental lah keter ni Ja......